US Non Immigrant Visa – Easy steps to get US Visa

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Everything you should know to get US Visa approved – how to get american visa from India, USA visa application website, us visa docs, us non immigrant visa, how to do US visa payment from India, procedure and valuable tips to get your US visa approved.

US non immigrant Visa

Basically, there are two types of US Visa : –

US Immigrant VISA

Immigrant Visa of USA is for those who are wishing to permanently settle in USA.

US Nonimmigrant Visa

Apart from Immigrant Visa, US Non Immigrant Visa are for those who are wishing to temporarily visit USA. This visa includes tourist visa, education visa, business travel visa, etc. and it is issued to a person who is permanently settled outside US in any other country. US Non Immigrant Visa is divided into 20 categories. These categories are based on the purpose to visit USA.

US Non Immigrant Visa Categories

ADiplomats & Foreign Govt. Officials
A1, G-1, NATO1-6 Visa Renewals
A-2, NATO1-6 Military personnel of any country situated in USA.
B-1 Professionals, Business Trips, Athletes and Domestic Employees.
B-2 Tourists and Vacationers
Medical Treatment Visitors.
D Crew members of air crafts.
Crew members of Ships and Cruise.
E-1 Treaty Traders.
E-2 Treaty Investors.
F-1Language and Academic students.
F-2Dependents of F-1 visa holders.
G1- G5, NATO Designated employees of International Organisations and NATO.
H1-B Physicians and occupations requiring specialized knowledge.
H2-A Temporary workers for seasonal agriculture.
H2-B Temporary workers for non – agricultural profession.
H3 Non – employed training programs.
H1-C Nurses traveling for healthcare
IJournalists and representatives of media.
M-1Vocational Students
M-2Dependents od M-1 holder
PAthletes, artists and entertainers
QVisitors for International Cultural Exchange
RReligious Works

Procedure to Get US Visa

First of all remember, that it is not any difficult task to get US visa, because if your documents and intentions to visit US are right then no one can stop you getting your visa. Therefore, follow the steps properly and maintain the right documents so that you can get your visa approved.

CLICK HERE to visit the official website


Before registering for US visa decide the purpose of your visit to USA and also determine the visa category you will be applying for.

Register online for US visa and this registration will require valid documents. In the above mentioned link you can apply for a US visa. While, registration of documents you would require your passport details, Id card and Email address. This registration will create your user ID on the website.


After registration you will have to fill Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS – 160) form.

This form is basically a form to get basic information about you like your name, date of birth, place of birth, current address, etc. Other questions includes the purpose to visit USA. Now, here you can choose the category of visa you are applying for.

Don’t forget to take the bar code number from the form confirmation page.


After determining the correct visa type and completing DS-160 form, you will have to pay the visa fee. It will cost around $160 to get a US visa. Read the bank and payment option carefully before the payment.


Now, login to your account and then you will be ready to schedule your visa appointment. After logging in you will reach to your dashboard.Click on the schedule appointment option to start the process of scheduling your appointment.

Now you will have to schedule two appointments

(i) 1st appointment will be for Visa Application Center where you will asked to give your photo and fingerprints. This appointment should be scheduled one day before the 2nd appointment.
(ii) 2nd appointment will be for an interview at an Embassy or Consulate.

Documents Required
(i) Passport No.
(ii) Visa application fee receipt no.
(iii) 10 digit bar code number from DS-160 confirmation page.


Step 5 is for the 1st appointment at Visa Application Center.

Documents Required

(i) Appointment confirmation page.
(ii) One photograph if any applicant is under the age of 14.
(iii) A valid passport for travelling to US. If your passport includes more than one person, then each person desiring for visa must submit an application.
(iv) DS-160 confirmation page.


After your appointment at VAC, you will have to visit the embassy or consulate of USA for an interview according to the scheduled date and time.

Documents Required
(i) Current and all old passports.
(ii) Printed copy of your appointment confirmation letter.
(iii) DS-160 confirmation page stamped at VAC.
(iv) Supporting documents like Id card, FDs, Property Documents, etc.

Points To Remember

  1. Don’t take your mobile, watch or any other extra things with you, while going for the interview. You may not be permitted to enter inside the office.
  2. The only things you should carry during the appointments are the documents mentioned above.
  3. Don’t forget to take out the printout of registration confirmation page and DS-160 confirmation page.
  4. Keep such supporting documents with you which will prove that you are temporarily visiting USA and will comeback. It includes marriage certificate, property documents, service proof, etc.
  5. For more help you can watch video tutorials for applying visa, at the official website.

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