Ladakh Holidays and Adventures – Places to visit

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Ladakh holidays and adventures, Leh city details, How to reach, trip itinerary for Leh ladakh and many more .

  • In this post by “THE PERFECT PLANNERS” we will give you lists of some wonderful things to do in Ladakh. You will get the perfect plans to enjoy those experience to the fullest. There are some wonderful experiences you can have in Ladakh, but the condition is that you should not be lazy for those experiences.
  • For those who don’t know Ladakh region is very big and it can only be explored by going here and there which requires a lot of energy. So first of all try to remain active and maintain your blood circulation before going because travelling in ladakh demands much more energy than any other place. If you don’t exercise daily start doing exercise from a minimum 2 weeks before you leave for Ladakh (recommended).
  • Most of the tourist spots are located far from leh city. At the same time, going to those destination is also an ultimate joy on its own
  • Best places to visit in Ladakh : Leh city, Nubra valley and Pangong lake

1. Take a Hotel at Leh city for your Ladakh Holiday

Ladakh Holidays - Best hotels in ladakh
About Leh
Leh is a town in the Leh District of Jammu & Kashmir.
Leh is connected to the rest of India by two high-altitude roads both of which are subject to landslides and neither of which are passable in winter when covered by deep snows. In Ladakh Leh is the most preferred central location to visit the tourist attractions on Ladakh region.
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2. Explore the Beauty of Nubra Valley for your ladakh adventure

How to reach nubra valley
Nubra Valley
The Shyok river meets the Siachen river to form a large valley that separates the Ladakh and Karakoram Ranges which is known as Nubra Valley. Diksit town in the valley have become the congregation centre for people of the region. It is the headquarters of the Nubra Valley and thus has lot of government offices with basic facilities.
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3. Spend a Beautiful Time Beside Pangong Lake

Ladakh adventures - Leh to pangong lake
Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas situated at a height of about 4,350 m (14,270 ft).
Approximately 60% of the length of the lake lies within the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The lake is 5 km (3.1 mi) wide at its broadest point. Pangong Lake is !60-170 Kms away from Leh city. This place is also famous for the shooting location of 3 idiots.
Enjoy a wonderful time clicking pics at the sets of 3 idiots.
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Ladakh holidays and adventures itinerary

DAY 1 :
  • Take a room in hotel at Leh city.
  • Day 1 should be for rest when you reach Leh. It doesn’t matter from where you arrived at ladakh, it is far from every city in India and climate and weather in ladakh are also diiferent from those of other regions. Check Budget Hotels in Leh – CLICK HERE.
  • Book a cab and get all preparations done for first tourist attraction from your ladakh holidays and adventures on day 2.
DAY 2 :
  • Day 2 will be for visiting the famous lake in Ladakh – pangong lake.
  • Now wake up at early morning, because it takes a good amount of time to reach pangong lake from leh. Call for your booked cab to pick you from hotel. (Confirm your time and dates on day 1).
  • After reaching Pangong lake, you have two options – (i) Camp at pangong lake (ii) Come back to leh and spend the night.
  • If you want to come back to leh you should spend 2-3 hrs enjoying the atmosphere of Pangong Tso which is enough.
  • Take rest for the night at hotel at get boosted up for Day 3 of your Ladakh holidays and adventures.

(To know more about, check our post on pangong lake CLICK HERE)

Day 3 :
  • Check out from the Hotel if you are going to stay at Nubra Valley.
  • In day 3 you should explore the beauty of Nubra Valley.
  • Again wake up early, get your cab and all preparations ready.
  • It will take you 4-5 hrs journey to reach Diskit at Nubra valley.
  • Again you have two options, either to stay or fall back to leh. It is better to stay at Nubra Valley, because there are lot of things to experience and some places to explore which will take more than 1 day.
  • When you arrive Diskit, explore various adventurous locations in Diskit and then you can go Hunder which is 8 kms away from Diskit.
  • Take a room in hotel at Diskit, and halt for 1 night at diskit.
  • To check best hotels in Nubra Valley – CLICK HERE.
Day 4 :
  • Check out from your hotel at diskit, and leave for Panamik. (Note : If you don’t want to visit panamik, you can skip visiting Hunder on Day 2 at explore it on day 3.)
  • After exploring Nubra Valley you can leave for Leh, by afternoon.
  • Book the same hotel you chosen on 1st day or book in advance for this night.

To know more about Nubra Valley – CLICK HERE

Day 5 :
  • On Day 5 you can either take rest or explore the local Leh city, markets, etc.
  • If you have energy and you can, then say a goodbye to leh.
Day 6 :
  • On day 6 you can comfortably pack up your luggage and leave from Leh.

Points to remember:-

  • Don’t book hotels online, book hotel once you arrive at leh.
  • Good bargaining skills can help you get rooms at a low price in leh.
  • There are some legal permits you would require for visiting the tourist attraction. You can get the permit from Tourist office near J&K Bank. Each permit costs around Rs. 400 per person.
  • The convenient option to explore tourist attraction is by booking a cab from leh or private vehicle.
  • If you are on budget and can compromise with time then you can choose the option of bus from J&K Bus Terminal in Leh city.
  • It will be difficult to get a bus from pangong to nubra, the best you can do is book a cab from leh for the sightseeing of nubra valley and pangong lake.
  • Most important drink more water than your regular diet. Try to remain fit before you go ladakh.
  • Improve your blood circulation before packing for ladakh.
  • Don’t get in panic if you are suffering with any health issues in ladakh.


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