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In this post by “THE PERFECT PLANNERS” you will know what things to do in manali, adventures to do in Manali and lot more to know about the best experiences in manali.

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1. Search a hotel near Mall Road, Manali

Budget hotels in Mall Road, Manali
Mall road is the main street of Manali city in Himachal Pradesh, Inida, It is just 200-300 m away from “Manali Bus Stand”. The office of municipal corporation, fire service and police headquarters are located here.
Mall Road has a number of showrooms, departmental stores, shops, restraunts and cafe. It is the central location for all tourists who visit manali.
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2. Experience a trek to Jogini Falls.

Jogini Falls trek packages
Jogini falls is a beautiful waterfall located at distance of 4 kms from Mall Road, Manali. The best way to reach this waterfall is by walking. A trek to jogini falls will give you an awesome experience. You don’t require much things to carry for this trek, you can count this as a Local trek because of its short distance from mall road. THis place is also good for photogenic peeps.
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3. Visit the beautiful temple of Hadimba Devi, covered with a beautiful scenario.

Famous in manali - Hadimba Devi Temple
Hadimba Devi Temple is one the beautiful location in beautiful Manali. Located at a short distance of 2 kms from mall road, Hadimba Devi Temple prospers you with its beauty. It’s a perfect location for perfect clicks and beautiful videos.
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5. Take a bath at Vashisht Hot Springs.

Famous tourst spots in manali - Vashisht Temple
Vashisht Temple is located in Vashisht village of manali. It is just 3 kms away for Mall road, Manali. This place is famous for hot water springs. Devottes come to take a bath at that divine hot water. It is a good place to visit in manali local if ou want to explore maximum of manali.
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6. Explore the local market.

Centre of manali - Mall road
The Local Market of manali is a good place if you want to do shopping at a new place. This market is also good for those who know how to bargain. You will get many shops for buying heavy clothes, if you are missing out with some. Market is filled with cafes, restraunts, street foods, hotels, atms, wine & beer shops, etc.
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7. Rohtang Pass – Rohtang La

Manali to Rohtang Pass images
Rohtang Pass is located 50 kms away from Mall Road, Manali. It is basically famous for its location and the path through which tourist visit the place. Rohtang pass is just another pass like many other passes in The Himalayas, but it has developed more as a tourist attraction which is not similar to other passes in The Himalayas.
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8. Experience awesome adventures in “Solang Valley”

Famous tourist spots in manali - Solang valley
Solang Valley is just 12 kms away from Mall road, Manali, which is one of famous tourist spots in manali. You get many adventures to do in solang valley. Solang valley is one of the best enjoyable place in manali. This place is surrounded with many cafes, restaurants and hotels. This place provides you with adventures like – cable car ride to the top of solang valley, paragliding, skiing, zorbing, snow scooter and many more fun activities.
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9. Club House, Manali

Famous tourist spots in manali - Club house
Club House is located in old manali and it is just 2 kms away from Mall Road. Manali. It is also a bood place for fun loving peeps and a best place for kids. This place provides you with many fun experiences like river crossing, boating, video games, etc. You can enjoy all of these at Rs. 10.
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Manali Trip Itinerary

1st Day:
  • The best time to arrive at Manali, is by morning. Get in the hotel, and get rest.
  • What you can explore in the 1st day is Manali local. Explore the famous temple in manali i.e. hadimba devi temple. On the evening you can explore the local market and do some shopping.
  • Spend the first night at manali in your hotel.
2nd Day :
  • Wake up on your 2nd morning at manali. Get ready for the next famous tourist spot in manali which is the Solang Valley.
  • Remember, book a cab on the first day of your manali trip and confirm the date and time for journey. You can also contact to your hotel reception for getting a cab.
  • Visit Solang valley which is 12 kms away from Mall road. Experience various adventures at solang valley.
  • CLICK HERE to know more about solang valley adventures.
  • While coming back from solang valley you can have a visit to Vasisht Temple or you can skip this part for the 4th day.
3rd Day (1) :
  • On 3rd day, you will visit Rohtang pass one of the famous pass in Himachal.
  • Rohtang pass is around 50 kms away from mall road, so it is good to leave early from the hotel to visit rohtang.
  • If you have a 3 day plan then you can skip your visit to rohtan pass, because, 50 kms distance in mountains looks much more than 50 kms in cities.
  • You can also get traffic on your way to rohtang.
  • But still rohtang pass is one of the famous tourist spots in manali, so it is a good option to visit Rohtang pass.
3rd Day (2) :
  • Another option for 3rd is visiting Kullu. Explore the beauty of kullu and the adjoining places like naggar, manikaran, etc.
  • Kullu is better option than rohtang pass, because, you will find good roads in kullu, you can explore much more places in kullu than in rohtang.
  • Come back to manali from Kullu by the evening.
  • As this will be your last night in manali so you should enjoy the most you can and then relax for the night at hotel.
4th Day :
  • 4th day will be your last day for this trip at manali. On this day, you can explore the missing places in local manali. You can visit Hadmba devi temple an vasisht temple if you have skipped them on 1st and 2nd day respectively.
  • Another option is to trek to jogini falls. The best time go for this trek is by morning around 7 – 8 a.m. If you visit Jogini falls earlier then you will find less people in jogini falls.
  • Come back to hotel by 11 a.m. Get ready and packup your bags to leave manali.

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