Everyone wants to enjoy travelling, but if you are tight on their budget then what? We “THE PERFECT PLANNERS” bring you a list of 5 cheapest places to travel in India where you can travel on a budget. The places which can give you the most affordable vacations.

This list is included of hill stations, historic towns and many more cheap and nice places to travel.

1. McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh

cheapest places to travel in india

Mcleodganj is one of the beautiful cheapest places to travel in India, which is located in Himachal Pradesh. It consists of the best landscapes in the state which attracts tourists all throughout the year.

It is located at north of Dharamshala at a distance of 10 km.

This hill station is among the budget destinations of our list because, you can enjoy a beautiful holiday at a budget of Rs. 3000 per person.

Only expensive thing you can buy for your McLeodganj trip is a flight ticket, if you want to visit mcleodganj by flight. Otherwise, everything you want to do in McLeodganj is very affordable if you maintain a good itinerary and money management.

Transportation : As mentioned earlier, if you opting for a flight then it will be an expensive option. A flight from Delhi airport to airport in Ghaggal (nearest to McLeodganj) will cost you around Rs. 4500 – 5000. A HRTC bus from Delhi to Dharamshala will cost you around Rs. 700 – 800. From Dharamshala bus stand you can catch a bus for Mcleodganj which will cost just Rs. 10 per person. #rd option will be to reach Pathankot (nearest railway station) by train which costs Rs. 199 per person.

Accommodation : Accommodation in McLeodganj are very affordable. You can get a well maintained and a good facilitated room at a price of Rs. 300 – 700 per night.

Food : In Mcleodaganj you can get the best delicious food for Rs 100 – 400. It hard to reach 400 but yes you will get a lot of delicious stuff to eat at a price around 100.

2. Jaipur, Rajasthan

cheapest places to travel in india

Located at a distance of 270 km from Delhi, Japiur, which is also known as the pink city is the capital of Rajasthan state of India. It is the most affordable travel destination in India with a daily budget of Rs. 1000 – 1200 per person.

2 days trip to Jaipur is best to explore the city and to maintain the budget of the trip. You can explore every famous tourist destinations of Jaipur in two days. So, that means, you can plan a 2 day Jaipur trip at a cost of Rs. 2,000.

Transportation : Again flight ticket is the expensive things to buy. If you wish to reach Jaipur by flight from Delhi then you will have to pay an amount of Rs. 1500 – 2000 for each seat. If you are coming from cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, etc. then you can definitely opt for flight.
Buses and trains are the most affordable transports to reach Jaipur from Delhi. A well condition private bus from Delhi to Jaipur will cost you around Rs. 200 – 500. You can also catch a train from Delhi to Jaipur which will cost you around Rs. 100 – 1000 depending on the class you want to travel

Accommodation : You can get the a good budget hotel room in Jaipur at a cost of Rs. 500 – 700 per night.

Food : Food in Jaipur is also very affordable which will cost around Rs. 200 – 400, if you are looking for food in hotel. If you want to taste the delicious street foods of Jaipur then its cost will obviously depend on your quantity of eating.

3. Digha, West Bengal

Budget weekend destinations

A beach destination located in West Bengal, Digha, is a weekend destination for the locals in West Bengal or Orissa. It is a best places to visit, if you love beach destinations like Goa but you are tight on a budget.

Digha is located at a distance of 183 km from Kolkata. The best option is to catch a train from Howrah Railway Station to Digha Railway Station.

Train No.Train NameDepartureArrivalFare
12857Tamralipta Exp.06:3509:57Rs. 365
15722Paharia Exp.07:5012:00Rs. 395
12847Howrah – Digha Super AC Exp.11:1014:20Rs. 545

Accommodation : You will get rooms in a good hotel from a price of Rs. 400 – 700.

Food : If you are a seafood lover, then Digha can give you a good experience of seafood, which is common with every coastal regions. In Digha, if you are planning a trip of 2 days, then it will cost you around Rs. 500-600 for food.

4. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol budget trip

If you love trekking, if you love rave parties and if you are a nature lover, and you want all this but you have a tight budget, then Kasol is an only paradise for you in India.

Kasol is located in Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and it is mainly famous for its trekking and rave parties. Though weed is illegal in Kasol but the true fact is Kasol is an ultimate paradise for weed lovers.

Your mind may be raising questions, that, if you are not a weed lover then what? So the answer is, it is not necessary to be a weed lover to get a entry in Kasol. Apart from weed and all, it is one of the best backpackers destination and one of the best trekking destinations in India.

Visit Kasol during the months from September to October because during the peak season it would be difficult to maintain budget.


You will get a budget hotel under Rs. 1500 in Kasol, the best advice is to just select a few hotels online and book one of them at spot, so that you can bargain and get a room at the lowest price possible.


Kasol is 519 km away from Delhi, and the best option to reach kasol is by a bus or car. You will get a seat in volvo bus for around Rs. 1000 – 1300. A more cheaper option is to get a seat in Govt. HRTC bus which will cost around Rs. 600 – 800. You will have to reach Bhuntar from Delhi and then you can catch a bus from Bhuntar to Kasol which will charge you Rs. 70 for one seat.


As mentioned above if you are a party lover, then Kasol is a paradise, but what about price that you will be charged for parties in Kasol. Don’t worry Kasol is mainly famous or its rave parties and you will be charged around Rs. 1500 approx. for a party which is fairly affordable if you want to get the full enjoyment.

Note : Hotels also organize parties in Kasol so don’t forget to ask your hotel manager whether they organize parties or not, if yes, then confirm price and all.

5. Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi budget trip

5th name in our list is one of the cheapest places to travel in south India, which is located in Karnataka. Also referred as the Group of Monuments at Hampi, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hampi was the capital of ancient Vijaynagra Empire, which consisted many beautiful forts, gopurams, etc and it was the second largest city of the world in history. In the recent times, Hampi has developed as an open museum for tourists, where they can explore the beautiful Indian history.

Transportation : Hospet city is 14 km away from Hampi, and it has the nearest bus and railway station from Hampi. This city is well connected to popular city of India, Bangalore. To book a train seat from Bangalore to Hospet you will charged a minimum price of Rs. 235 on a sleeper class.

Bus from Bangalore is another good option which will cost around Rs. 330 (HSRTC Bus). Bus ticket from Panaji to Hospet will cost around Rs. 700.
(These are the lowest price possible, price with more facilities may vary.)




the perfect planners

This was the listing of 5 cheapest places to travel in India presented to you by “THE PERFECT PLANNERS”.

Every reader of this article are invited to share their views on this listing and comment down below any suggestion for the best budget destinations in India.