10+ Best Weekend Getaways Near Delhi (in 2019)

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Hey, if you live in Delhi then you will agree that you need a break from the rush lifestyle of Delhi. Weekends give the best time to take a break. Visiting tour places near Delhi is always a good option to spend your weekends. For this, you should definitely need to know the best weekend getaways near Delhi.

Get ready, from this moment you are going to make your weekends beautiful and amazing.

How is it possible?

In this post by “The Perfect Planners” you will get the option to choose among the best weekend destinations from Delhi.

This listing will also focus on budget and plans for the best tour places near Delhi.

Here are the,

Popular Weekend Getaways Near Delhi

#1. Rishikesh

Located in Uttarakhand state of India, on the banks of Ganga river, Rishikesh is among popular weekend destinations near Delhi.

In India it is mainly known as among popular pilgrimage destinations.


At recent times it developed as a weekend destination for youth because of variety of adventure sports offered to tourist, which includes river rafting, paragliding and many more.

Distance From Delhi To Rishikesh – 240 km

Activities To Do in Rishikesh – Yoga, Boating, River Rafting, Para Gliding, Camping and Bonfire, Trekking, Rock Climbing. Apart from all these adventurous activities, you can also opt. to visit temples in Rishikesh and the famous Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh Trip Budget – Rs. 3000 – 4000 for 2 days

Easiest Ways To Visit Rishikesh

As a popular tourist destination in India, Rishikesh is well connected to popular cities in India by transport.

By Air – Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport from Rishikesh at a distance of 34 km.

By Train – Nearest railway station from Rishikesh is in Haridwar at a distance of 25 km.

Bus – Rishikesh is well connected to Delhi by bus. Govt. and private buses runs daily between Rishikesh and Delhi.

Self Drive / Cab – The best way to visit Rishikesh is by cab or by private car. It can become the most enjoyable journey.

#2. Neemrana

Neemrana is one of the most popular weekend destination from Delhi, mainly because of the Neemrana Fort. It is located at Delhi-Jaipur highway, between Behror and Shahjahanpur.

Located very close from Delhi, Neemrana is a very the best to visit place near Delhi. The fort palace of neemrana has now been transformed to a hotel. What can be better than this for tourists to spend a beautiful night in a royal palace.

Activities to do in Neemrana : The first thing you should do is book a room in Neemrana Palace Hotel, because this can become the most beautiful experience for you at this beautiful place near Delhi

Distance from Delhi to Neemrana : 126 km.

As a popular tour place near Delhi, Neemrana is well connected to Delhi by Delhi – Jaipur Highway (NH 148). There are no flight and train options available to reach Neemrana from Delhi, therefore, bus is the best option to reach your destination.

By Bus – You can catch a bus from Delhi to Neemrana which will cost you around Rs. 100 -150.

#3. Chandigarh

#4. Kasauli

#5. Abott Mount

#6. Mussoorie

#7. Almora

#8. Naukuchiatal

#9. Alwar

#10. Munsiyari

#11. Jaipur

#12. Pangot

#13. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

#14. Kedarnath

10 Best places to visit in September in India

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Are you planning for a trip in this September? Are you confused selecting best vacation places in India during September? If you have chosen, then are you thinking of your budget? Then welcome you are at the right place to know about all details of the best places to visit in September in India.

September Holidays

To be honest, September is the best month to travel in any part of India.

This is because September – October has the best climate throughout the year, which marks the ending of monsoon and beginning of autumn.

September prospers every traveler in India with a pleasant climate, without much humidity or cold

In this listing you will see such places which are very well known for their hot and humid climate, but during this month they emerge as top places to visit in India.

So, go through this article and choose the best vacation places in India, which are calling you.

Which are the best places to visit in September in India?

1. Mumbai – Lonavla, Maharashtra

As mentioned above, this listing will include some places which are known to be most humid places in India, the first place in our listing relates to the same. This is Mumbai, the financial capital of India and one of the best places to visit in September in India.

Apart from hill station and beach destinations, Mumbai is the best place in India to enjoy the best of city life and Mumbai’s night life. As it is the financial capital of India it is not so budget friendly, but it’s better to plan 3 days in Mumbai so that you can stay in you budget.

At a distance of 83 km you can visit the famous hill station outside Mumbai, which is known as Lonavala. It is basically a weekend spot for most of the people living in Mumbai.

To get a rest from the hepatic life of Mumbai, Lonavala serves these locals the best on weekends.

Visiting Mumbai and Lonavala during September is a good option, because you can experience both a rich city life and a pleasant life in Lonavala during your journey.

It’s better to plan a minimum 5-6 days trip to Mumbai and Lonavala.

Budget hotels in Mumbai costs around Rs. 1000 – 1700. You can get a very nice and well maintained room, if you can spend this much of amount.

In Lonavala you can get best budget hotels at a cost of Rs. 800 – 1200, which is fairly affordable.

The cheapest transport option to visit Lonavala from Mumbai is by train, which you can get at a low cost of Rs. 140.

2. Nainital

Best places to travel in September in India

When we plan our tours on he basis of month and climate, then how can keep hill stations out of the lists.

You might have heard that hill stations can be visited any in any month of the year, but that’s not always true.

Yes, but it is also true that during the month of September, you can visit any hill station of India.

That’s why we bring one of the most pleasant and affordable tourist destination in India, Nainital. “Tal” in its name means ponds. Nainital consists of many beautiful ponds and lakes and the famous “Naini Lake” which gave it this name.

It includes the famous “Bhimtal” which has a beautiful history according to the Hindu mythology.

You can enjoy a lot of adventure and fun activities in these lakes, like zorbling, boating, zipline crossing, etcwhich makes this place a paradise for nature and adventure lovers.

Located in the famous hill city of India, Uttarakhand, it is just 337 km by road from New Delhi, the capital of India.

Nainital will definitely prosper you are planning to visit this place during this September. So, just make your plan final and prepare with your family or friends and get ready to enjoy one of the best holiday of your life.

Budget hotels in Nainital costs around Rs. 700 – 1000.

New Delhi is the best location to start your journey to Nainital, because it gives you a variety of affordable options.

Visiting Nainital by train is the most affordable option but bus is the most recommended and preferable option to visit if Nainital from New Delhi which costs around Rs. 500 -700.

Nearest Railway Station : Kathgodam Railway Station (34 km) and Haldwani Railway Station (43 km)

3. Srinagar

Best places to visit in September in India

Srinagar is the largest city and summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and it also known as “Heaven on Earth”.

The reason Srinagar is mentioned in our list is because, Srinagar is one of the most beautiful cities of India and during the month of September or during autumn season, you can explore much of the beautiful Srinagar.

As you know September brings end to the monsoon season, which enhances the beauty of Srinagar. During the month of September Srinagar prospers you with a dry and pleasant climate which will make it easy to explore Srinagar.

Dal lake is the famous lake is Srinagar which is know for its mesmerizing beauty.

Srinagar Trip Budget

Budget hotels in Srinagar – For getting the best room at a budget you will have to pay a minimum of Rs. 500. You will get hotels near Dal lake for around Rs. 600 – 1000 per night.

How To reach – Srinagar by air is well connected to rest of the country by air and road. The nearest airport from Srinagar is the Named Sheikh ul Alam airport, which is an international airport.

The cheapest option would have been travelling by train but there is no direct train from New Delhi to Srinagar. So now, what you can do is,

(i) catching a train from New Delhi to Chandigarh and now from Chandigarh you can book a flight direct to Srinagar airport.

(ii) Catching a train from New Delhi to Udhampur railway station and then you can book a private taxi to reach Srinagar.

4. Kalimpong

September Holidays

Situated at Himalayan ranges of North West Bengal, Kalimpong is an offbeat tourist destinations with a lot to be explored.

It’s beauty is often under rated because of its neighboring hill station, Darjeeling.

Most of the people visit Darjeeling due to its popularity but Kalimpong is an offbeat destination with less crowd which is also a positive point if you are a budget traveler.

Kalimpong is a lookalike destination of Darjeeling, but the fact is it is much more affordable than Darjeeling.

Kalimpong is basically known for its ponds, lakes, tea plantation and natural beauty.

It will be better to visit Kalimpong after mid September because during early September you might get a wet weather.

Kalimpong Trip Budget

Budget Hotels in Kalimpong – Price per room in Kalimpong will cost Rs. 700 onwards

How to Reach – Reaching Kalimpong is very easy once you reach Kolkata. You can catch direct train to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station from Kolkata. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the nearest railway station from Kalimpong. at a distance of 73 km.

From the Jalpaiguri Railway Station you can hire a private taxi which will cost around Rs. 2400 – 2500 each side.

5. Shimla

How can we forget Shimla, when we talk about best places to visit in September in India. It is one of the most popular tourist destination in India and September is the damn best time to explore this place.

Shimla, which was the summer capital of British India is located at an altitude of 2,206 meters.

If you are a snow lover then obviously winters ( Dec – Feb ) are the best time for you to visit, but if you love a pleasant and cloudy weather then September is best. It is during September when you will be able to see most of the Shimla’s greenery and clouds at a roof height.

The places you can visit in Shimla includes Viceregal Lodge, Kufri, The Ridge, Christ Church, Chadwick Waterfall, etc. All of these are the most beautiful places to explore in Shimla.

Shimla Trip Budget

Budget Hotels in Shimla : Budget hotels in Shimla will cost you around Rs. 700 – 1500. Book hotels in Mall Road because it is the center point of the town and you can get easy access to market and transportation from mall road.

(Tip : If you are visiting Shimla by car then try to book a hotel near car parking.)

How to Reach – The most affordable option is to reach Kalka in Haryana by train and then you can catch a direct train from Kalka to Shimla. The another reason to travel by train is because the way from Kalka to Shimla can give you the best train journey of your life.

If you are not able to catch a train then don’t worry you have other option available which is to book a private taxi from Kalka to Shimla

Train from Kalka to Shimla cost – Rs. 70 – 300 (depending on the class you are travelling.)

Cab from Kalka to Shimla cost – Rs. 1300 – 1700

Bus from Kalka to Shimla cost – Rs. 168 (Non – Ac HRTC Bus)

6. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Best places for vacations in September

A place which has remained untouched by the modern world, a place which will always prosper you with its natural beauty is the Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh.

Ziro is an old town in Arunachal Pradesh and home for the Apa Tani tribe and is famous for its pine hills and rice fields.

Ziro could should be on the top of your list if you are planning for a long holiday of more than 1 week.

One of the best destination for September holidays, Ziro, is an offbeat travel destination and will be affordable for you in every aspect.

According to Wikipedia, Ziro has remained a favourite town for World Heritage Site for a number of years.

During September Ziro will be a paradise for you if you are a nature lover and a monsoon lover.

Another most important reason to visit Ziro during September is during September you can also be a part of the beautiful traditional festival of the Ziro valley, which is known as the Ziro Music Festival.

Ziro Trip Budget

Budget Hotels in Ziro – A room in a hotel in Ziro can cost you around Rs. 1000 – 1500.

How to Reach – Ziro is located at a distance of 115 km from Itanagar, capital of Arunachal Pradesh from where it will take 3 hrs to reach Ziro via NH229.

By Train – There is a train from New Delhi to Naharalagun which runs once a week which you can catch for getting a cheaper option. Naharalagun is the nearest railway station from Ziro valley at a distance of 100 km from where you can get a taxi to reach Ziro.

New Delhi to Naharalagun Train No. and Name – 22412 NEW DELHI NHLN SETTIGUNTA

Train Fare

First AC – Rs. 5110

Second AC – Rs. 2960

Third AC – Rs. 2015

(Note : This train is fully AC so you will not get any Non AC compartment in this train.)

7. Amritsar

Best Places to Visit in September in India

A historic city located in the Indian state of Punjab, which survived the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre during the freedom struggle of India.

This city has now developed as one of the important cities of India with several industrial growth and development.

Amritsar is popularly known as the home for the famous Golden Temple, which is a Gurudwara. Golden Temple is also the famous and must visit tourist place in Amritsar.

The must visit places includes golden temple, jallianwala bagh, the partition fort, gobindgarh fort, wagah border, etc.

Amritsar Trip Budget

Budget Hotels in Amritsar : Most of the hotels in Amritsar are budget hotels, and you can get a room at a price of Rs. 600 -700

How to Reach – Amritsar is well connected to every city of India and travelling by train will be the most affordable option. If you don’t have problem in spending a little more then the best option is to reach by flight.

Railway Station – Amritsar Junction

Airport – Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport

Daily Budget – Rs. 1000 – 1500

8. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman weather in September

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are group of beaches in Bay of Bengal and is the most beautiful beach destination in India.

These islands are known for their mangroves, white-sand beaches and tropical rain forests.

The best time to visit this place after mid September, when you will get a cloudy and pleasant weather.

Andaman is also famous for the “Sentinel Island” which is the only most isolated place in the world and home for sentinelese people. Sentinal island is a restricted place by the Indian Government.

The other island where you can visit is the “Barren Island” which is the only left volcano in South Asia.

Some of the historic places in Andaman Islands include the Cellular Jail which is the most popular destination in Port Blair.

Andaman & Nicobar Island Trip Budget

Budget Hotels in Port Blair – A room per night in Port Blair will cost you around Rs. 900 – 1000.

How to Reach – The best option is to reach Kolkata by train and then from Kolkata you have to reach Andaman by flight.

Kolkata to Andaman Flight Fare – Approx. Rs. 6000

Kolkata Airport – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

9. Mysore

Best Places for vacation in September

Located in the southern part of Indian state of Karnataka, Mysore is an ultimate paradise for those who love Indian architecture and Indian history.

One of the famous tourist destinations in South India, Mysore, is famous for its royal heritage. It is the best place to enjoy the Indian Royalty.

Mysore is also famous for its sweets, silk sarees, handicrafts, etc. Mysore Pak is the famous and delicious sweet of Mysore, which you should definitely try once you visit Mysore, and don’t forget to bring some for home.

Silk sarees of Mysore is another famous thing to buy if you love the traditional Indian sarees.

Mysore Trip Budget

As a place with royal heritage mysore will be not so budget friendly, but it is in our list because it is one of the best places to visit in September in south India to explore something new. What you can explore in Mysore is rare and hard to find in other Indian states.

Budget Hotels in Mysore – Yes, you can manage your budget by looking for budget hotels in mysore. A room in budget hotels in mysore will cost you around Rs. 500 – 700 which is fairly affordable.

How to Reach – Mysore is located at a distance of 145 km from the metro city Bangalore, which is well connected to every popular city of India by air and rail. Form Bangalore you can catch a KSRTC bus or a train to reach Mysore.

Bus from Bangalore to Mysore – According to KSRTC there is only one bus from Bangalore to Mysore which departs from Bangalore at 6:46 a.m. The fare you will have to is around Rs. 250. If you have any issues in timings you can also catch a Volvo bus which will cost you Rs. 300 for each seat.

Bangalore to Mysore Train Fare – Train is the most affordable option to reach Mysore. It will cost around Rs. 30 for a passenger train. A more better and comfortable train will cost you Rs. 100 – 200.

10. Diu

DIu weather in September

Located at the Daman & Diu Union Territory of India, Diu is among the least populated cities of India. As a least populated city it makes this place better for travelers. The weather of Diu in September is one of the best weather to travel, which makes it among the best places to visit in September in India.

Diu is a place in India where you will be able to see a glimpse of Portuguese architecture. This is because it was the capital of Portugal in Indian territory in the ancient history.

The Diu Fort is the popular tourist spot in the town, which is a sign of the Portuguese architecture.

The town of Diu is a coastal town which touches the Arabian Sea. The beaches in Diu are the best offbeat beach destinations. One of the famous beach in Diu is the Nagoa Beach.

Diu Trip Budget

Budget Hotels in Diu – Budget hotel rooms will cost you around Rs. 800 – 1000 in Diu.

How to Reach – Diu is well connected to every cities of India by air. Nearest Railway Station is the Veraval Railway Station in Gujarat. It is located at a distance of 94 km from diu. You can catch a bus or private taxi from Veraval Railway Station to Diu.

GSRTC Bus Fare from Veraval to Diu – A seat in GSRTC – 1871 bus from Veraval to Diu will cost you around Rs. 90.


Which was your favourite among the 10 best places to visit in September in India

Comment down and share with us which destination you picked up for your upcoming September Hoildays.

7 Offbeat Places to Visit in India – India Untouched

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There are many places in India which still have their beauty untouched. These places are less visited by tourist but they can definitely give the pleasure you expect. In this post by “THE PERFECT PLANNERS” you will get to the best unexplored or offbeat places to visit in India.

unexplored places to visit in India

What you will get to know – the untouched India, less crowded places to visit in India, most remote village in india, undiscovered places in karnataka, offbeat tourist places in orissa and many more

So just go in flow with the article and pick up your offbeat destination to visit in the coming holiday

Offbeat Places To Visit in India


best hill station in India

When you are too bored living in the cities, you find a place which can give you peaceful time and provide you leisure. Also, if the place is less crowded it adds a plus point to your journey.

Khajjiar is one of the beautiful offbeat places in India which is away from the popular and touristy towns of Himachal Pradesh. Located near the popular hill station Dalhousie and Chamba district, khajjiar is well connected to every popular town of H.P. by road. You can visit khajjiar all throughout the year.

Nearest Railway Station from Khajjiar – Pathankot Railway Station (95-102 km by road)

Nearest Airport from Khajjiar – Pathankot Airport (100 km by road)

Khajjiar by Road – Khajjiar is well connected to New Delhi and every popular towns of Himachal Pradesh by road. Catch a overnight bus from Delhi to Dalhousie and then book a cab from dalhousie to khajjiar.

Activities in Khajjiar – Para Gliding, zorbing and horse riding.


off beat places to visit in India

Away from the crowded beach destination of goa, Gokarna is a less crowded beach destination in India located in Karnataka. It is one of the best offbeat beach destination in India, and it is liked by tourist because of less crowded beaches and temples.

Gokarna is not like goa where you can party a lot, it is rather a peaceful beach destination where you can get relaxed and have a leisure holiday.

This place is also known as a Hindu pilgrimage site, which includes various beautiful temples including the Mahabaleshwar temple.

It is located at a distance of 144 km from Goa (nearest) and 485 km from capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru.

How to reach Gokarna?
Goa is located at a distance of 144 km from Gokarna, and it is the nearest location from where you can visit this place. Goa is well connected to every cities of India by air and road. From goa you can catch a train, so that you can reach gokarna in a less time. Don’t forget about cabs which are an always on option but requires more amount than train or bus.

Two direct trains from Goa to Gokarna

  1. Matsyagandha Express (12619)
  2. Maru Sagar Express (12978)

One direct train from Bengaluru to Gokarna

  1. Karwar Express (16523)

3. Kalimpong, West Bengal

offbeat places to visit in east India

Situated in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere kalimpong, is a virgin hill station located in North of West Bengal. It is located 50 km away from darjeeling that is why it gets ignored.

Darjeeling is a famous hill station of India located close to kalimpong, Yes, you should visit darjeeling, but if you are on a budget trip or finding an offbeat destination then you can get the flavour of darjeeling also in kalimpong, which will cost less than darjeeling.

Kalimpong is best known for its temples and monasteries and again you will find this place less crowded. It is always better to explore a new places, so if you have visited darjeeling then plan your next to trip to kalimpong.

How to reach Kalimpong?

By Air : Nearest airport from kalimpong is the bagdgora airport in siliguri.

By Train : Nearest railway station from kalimpong is the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, which is directly to connect to the capital of W.B., Kolkata. You can catch a train from sealdah railway station in Kolkata, which will take you directly to New Jalpaiguri.

Train No.Train NameDepartureArrivalDays
13141Testa Torsa Exp.13:4002:40All days in week
12377Padatik Express23:1509:00All days in week
12343Darjeeling Mail 22 : 05 08 : 00 All days in week
13149Kanchankanya Exp.20:3007:30All days in week
13147Uttar Banga Exp.16:3506:50All days in week

By road : Kalimpong is connected by road to every popular town and cities of West Bengal like siliguri and kolkata. Buses are also available from jalpaiguri and siliguri to reach kalimpong.


remote villages in India

Mawsynram is a small village in meghalaya state of India. It is located at a distance of 60 km from shillong, the capital of meghalaya.

With an annual rainfall of 11,861 mm mawsynram is known to be one of the wettest place in the world. Rain that we see regularly seems to be kids in front of rainfall in mawsynram. So if you are a monsoon and rain lover, then mawsynram will be a paradise for you.

How to reach Mawsynram?

By Flight : Nearest airport from mawsynram is the Umroi airport in shillong. In some cases when you don’t get a direct flight to shillong you can choose guwahati airport.

By Rail : Nearest railway station from mawsynram is the Guwahati Railway Station, because, meghalaya does not have much railway connections. It is located 104 km away from shillong.

By Road : Guwahati is 150 km away from mawsynram. You can catch interstate buses which runs between Guwahati and Shillong,

Note : If you are not coming from guwahati it is better to reach shillong from where you can take private taxis to visit mawsynram.


Budget offbeat places in India

Digha is an offbeat beach destination located in the Medinipur district of West bengal. It is located at a distance of 183 km from Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal.

Unlike goa, digha is less crowded and less visited by tourists. It is basically a place best for weekend getaways for the people living in locations around it. Apart from this if you are a beach lover then digha can also prosper you with its ambiance.

Digha is a coastal region so you can obviously enjoy some good quality of seafood.

Digha beach is basically divided into two parts, one is New Digha and another is Old Digha.

You will get to see many comparisons between old and new digha, some saying old is better and some saying the new one.
According to my experience, old digha is a place you should prefer when you are visiting for a relaxed holiday and new digha if you are visiting with kids or friends. This is because new digha provides much more activities than old digha.

How to reach Digha?

The best option to reach digha is catching a train from Kolkata or Howrah. You will get a direct train from kolkata and howrah to reach digha.

Trains from Howrah to Digha
Train No.Train NameDepartureArrival
12857Tamralipta Exp.06:3509:57
15722Paharia Exp.07:5012:00
12847Howrah – Digha Super AC Exp.11:1014:20

Note : There are not only 3 trains, you can check more trains by CLICKING HERE.


offbeat places in uttarakhand

If you are bored of visiting hill stations like manali and shimla, and searching for a different sort of hill station which can give you a more peaceful holiday, then lansdowne is the place for you. Hill stations like manali and shimla are the famous hill stations in India and they are much crowded than other hill stations.

Located at a distance of 270 km from Delhi, lansdowne is a perfect location for people in Delhi to go for a two day weekend trip.

To be honest, Lansdowne not provides much to enjoy except for a peaceful climate and beautiful scenes. It is a very small town of uttarakhand and has very less places to visit.

You should visit lansdowne only when you have visited the other famous hill stations in the north. This is because manali and shimla can offer you much more to enjoy your holiday. It can also be in your option if you live in Delhi and want a break from daily life and polluted delhi, then this place will be the best for a weekend.

Its an offbeat location, so again cost per day is very low. Also, you will not get to spend much except for accommodation and food.

How to visit Lansdowne?

By Rail : Nearest railway station from lansdowne is the Kotdwara Railway Station, which is just 41 km from lansdowne. You can catch a shared or private taxi from railway station to reach Lansdowne.

By Road : Delhi – Lansdowne (via NH 534). It takes around 6 – 7 hrs from Delhi to reach lansdowne by road. You can also catch a bus to Kotdwara from New Delhi Bus Terminal, from where you can catch a taxi to reach Lansdowne.


offbeat places to visit in India

Manas National Park is a tiger and elephant reserve located in the foothills of Himalayas in Assam. It was declared a national park in 1990. It was also announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. This park consists of animals like tigers, elephants, rhinos, deer, peacocks and some rare species of buffaloes. This park is also famous for having some rare animals like Golden Langur, Red Panda and Wild Water Buffalo.

Now, what you can do in Manas National Park is to go for a Jungle Safari in a Jeep to explore the beautiful jungle and get views of the animals living in this jungle. The timings for the safari are from 09:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m and from 03:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.

So, till now you might have understood that manas national park is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. But, what if you are not a nature or wildlife lover? If not, then also you should visit manas national park to have the experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

How to reach Manas National Park?

Note : Guwahati is well connected to popular cities of India therefore, the best option to reach manas national park is to reach Guwahati first, then from Guwahati you can easily reach the national park.

By Air : Nearest Airport is the Guwahati Airport which is around 145 km from the park. You can get cabs from the airport which will take you to park.

By Rail : Nearest railway station is the Guwahati Railway Station. You can catch a train from Guwahati Railway station to Barpeta Road Railway Station which is 44 km away. Then you will get taxis outside the railway station which will directly drop you to your hotel near Manas National Park.

From the above list, you might have chosen which will be your next offbeat place to visit in India

If not, then


Choose your offbeat places to visit in India from the above mentioned list and book your next trip to take a break from your busy life and enjoy with your friends and family

Comment down below and say which offbeat place you are going to visit on your next trip and also suggest other offbeat places to visit in India.

US Non Immigrant Visa – Easy steps to get US Visa

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Everything you should know to get US Visa approved – how to get american visa from India, USA visa application website, us visa docs, us non immigrant visa, how to do US visa payment from India, procedure and valuable tips to get your US visa approved.

US non immigrant Visa

Basically, there are two types of US Visa : –

US Immigrant VISA

Immigrant Visa of USA is for those who are wishing to permanently settle in USA.

US Nonimmigrant Visa

Apart from Immigrant Visa, US Non Immigrant Visa are for those who are wishing to temporarily visit USA. This visa includes tourist visa, education visa, business travel visa, etc. and it is issued to a person who is permanently settled outside US in any other country. US Non Immigrant Visa is divided into 20 categories. These categories are based on the purpose to visit USA.

US Non Immigrant Visa Categories

ADiplomats & Foreign Govt. Officials
A1, G-1, NATO1-6 Visa Renewals
A-2, NATO1-6 Military personnel of any country situated in USA.
B-1 Professionals, Business Trips, Athletes and Domestic Employees.
B-2 Tourists and Vacationers
Medical Treatment Visitors.
D Crew members of air crafts.
Crew members of Ships and Cruise.
E-1 Treaty Traders.
E-2 Treaty Investors.
F-1Language and Academic students.
F-2Dependents of F-1 visa holders.
G1- G5, NATO Designated employees of International Organisations and NATO.
H1-B Physicians and occupations requiring specialized knowledge.
H2-A Temporary workers for seasonal agriculture.
H2-B Temporary workers for non – agricultural profession.
H3 Non – employed training programs.
H1-C Nurses traveling for healthcare
IJournalists and representatives of media.
M-1Vocational Students
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Procedure to Get US Visa

First of all remember, that it is not any difficult task to get US visa, because if your documents and intentions to visit US are right then no one can stop you getting your visa. Therefore, follow the steps properly and maintain the right documents so that you can get your visa approved.

CLICK HERE to visit the official website


Before registering for US visa decide the purpose of your visit to USA and also determine the visa category you will be applying for.

Register online for US visa and this registration will require valid documents. In the above mentioned link you can apply for a US visa. While, registration of documents you would require your passport details, Id card and Email address. This registration will create your user ID on the website.


After registration you will have to fill Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS – 160) form.

This form is basically a form to get basic information about you like your name, date of birth, place of birth, current address, etc. Other questions includes the purpose to visit USA. Now, here you can choose the category of visa you are applying for.

Don’t forget to take the bar code number from the form confirmation page.


After determining the correct visa type and completing DS-160 form, you will have to pay the visa fee. It will cost around $160 to get a US visa. Read the bank and payment option carefully before the payment.


Now, login to your account and then you will be ready to schedule your visa appointment. After logging in you will reach to your dashboard.Click on the schedule appointment option to start the process of scheduling your appointment.

Now you will have to schedule two appointments

(i) 1st appointment will be for Visa Application Center where you will asked to give your photo and fingerprints. This appointment should be scheduled one day before the 2nd appointment.
(ii) 2nd appointment will be for an interview at an Embassy or Consulate.

Documents Required
(i) Passport No.
(ii) Visa application fee receipt no.
(iii) 10 digit bar code number from DS-160 confirmation page.


Step 5 is for the 1st appointment at Visa Application Center.

Documents Required

(i) Appointment confirmation page.
(ii) One photograph if any applicant is under the age of 14.
(iii) A valid passport for travelling to US. If your passport includes more than one person, then each person desiring for visa must submit an application.
(iv) DS-160 confirmation page.


After your appointment at VAC, you will have to visit the embassy or consulate of USA for an interview according to the scheduled date and time.

Documents Required
(i) Current and all old passports.
(ii) Printed copy of your appointment confirmation letter.
(iii) DS-160 confirmation page stamped at VAC.
(iv) Supporting documents like Id card, FDs, Property Documents, etc.

Points To Remember

  1. Don’t take your mobile, watch or any other extra things with you, while going for the interview. You may not be permitted to enter inside the office.
  2. The only things you should carry during the appointments are the documents mentioned above.
  3. Don’t forget to take out the printout of registration confirmation page and DS-160 confirmation page.
  4. Keep such supporting documents with you which will prove that you are temporarily visiting USA and will comeback. It includes marriage certificate, property documents, service proof, etc.
  5. For more help you can watch video tutorials for applying visa, at the official website.

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5 Most secret places in India

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most mysterious places in india

In search for most secret places in India, we “The Perfect Planners” found 5 best places in India which are restricted places in India. Also, this list contains some places where you can visit, but will be really hard. You may require special permits to visit these places, which are again not easy to get.

Those who are well known with Indian history, they might know that India’s land is covering a lot of mysteries, many years from past. But not only historical places of India have mysteries but places which came in the eyes of people in the 20th century also emerged as restricted places for common people. These are the most secret places in India which are not much known by the people of India as well.

As we all know that, attractive things are limited and rare, similarly, these restricted places are are among the most attractive places in India. After reading this blog if you think you can visit any of these places or all of these places, then you should definitely visit these places when you are in India.

List of Most Secret Places in India

1. North Sentinel

Location : Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India

North Sentinal island is a part of Andaman and Nicobar islands, located in Bay of Bengal of Indian Ocean. People living in this island are known as Sentinelese. Sentinal island is known to be the most isolated place in the world. It came in the eyes of the world on 2006, when two fishermen and one american guy illegally visited the island and were killed by the sentinelese people.

After this incident, the Indian government who earlier tried to maintain a contact with sentinelese, stopped all of their efforts. Infact, the govt. of Andaman & Nicobar island also have not shown any interest on maintaining any contact with sentinelese.

The language spoken by sentinelese people is known as sentinelese language. This language is an unknown language for the rest of the world. Sentinelese are most isolated people in the world and they don’t like vistors in their island.

Can we visit North Sentinal Island?

The straight answer to this question is ‘no’. According to Andaman & Nicobar Island Protection of Aboriginal Tribes Act of 1956, there is a prohibition to travel to this island. The act prohibition also include approaching any area closer than 9.62 km from the island. Apart from this, sentinelese people do not like visitors in their island. Any visitor will be treated as intruder in this island by the local tribe. It is possible to visit the legally declared distance and if the some of the sentanelese or on a beach party, you might get a glimpse of these people.

2. Bhaangarh Fort

Most secret place in India

Location :Rajasthan, India

The fort of bhangarh is a 17th century fort at the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is also known to be the most haunted place in Asia. So, obviously, this place is not for faint-hearted. Apart from being haunted place, this fort is one of the biggest and impressive forts in India.

The fort of bhangarh can be called as a preserved ruin, because 50% of the fort is still standing good. This place is administered under Indian Archaeological Department and the rules at this for are also implemented by this department. According to the archaeological department, entry to the fort is legally prohibited after 6 p.m. This is because of the haunted activities detected in the fort after the sun goes down.

Indian Archaelogical Notice Board in Bhangarh Fort
Can we visit Bhangarh Fort?

Yes, ofcourse, you can visit bhangarh fort from morning to 6 p.m. at evening. According to the notice board that you will get at the entrance of the fort, visting the fort after sunset is prohibited. So, the only way is to visit the fort in the day time. Visit the fort at day time and click some good photos one of the historical forts in India and a haunted fort of Asia.

Entry Fee (Indians) – Free

Entry Fee (Foreigners) – Free

3. Siachen Glacier, Basecamp

Location : Himalayas, India

Siachen is a glacier in karakoram ranges in Himalayas, India, which is known as the highest battlefields in world. It is located at a distance of 154 km from Leh, J & K, India. Siachen base camp is also one of the highest base camps in the world. Situated at an altitude of 18,875 ft it is the basecamp of Indian army. Siachen glacier was captured by Indian Armed Forces under a operation code named as Meghdoot.

Can we visit Siachen Glacier?

It is not easy for common person to visit siachen glacier and close to impossible for foreigners. The tourist permit which you get in the tourism office in Leh city, is only valid till Warshi Village near Siachen. You should have any close contact in army camp so that your contact can help you enter siachen. But still Ladakh region and its beautiful places including siachen are very beautiful and attractive for tourists.

4. Cholamu Lake

Location : Sikkim, India

Known as Tso Lhamo Lake orginally, this Lake is situated in north part of Sikkim in India. Cholamu lake is one of the highest lake in the world and it is located at an altitude of 17,490 ft. This lake is in our listing of most secret places in India because the characteristics of this place is bit similar to that of Siachen Glacier. Tso Lhamo Lake and its adjoining areas are war prone areas because it is located close to China border.

It is a good location for trekking so try to visit this beautiful lake in North Sikkim and also explore the lake and its adjoining areas.

Can we visit Cholamu Lake?

Yes of course, but yes you would require special permits to visit cholamu lake, because, as mentioned above Cholamu lake is near China border and regular military activities.

5. Barren Islands

Most secret place in India

Location :Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India

Barren Island is one of the islands in Andaman & Nicobar Islands in India. Surrounded by the waters of Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean, Barren Island is the only active volcano in South Asia. It is at a distance of 143 km from Port Blair, the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island. The name of the place is also correct for the island, because, this place is totally barren. Except of some birds and animals, no one lives here making this place totally barren.

From 2018, volcano has again started erupting which makes tourist more attracted towards this place. Though, a high risky place to visit, this risk makes people curious about this place.

Note : Foreigners (Non – Indians) get a permit of 30 day to stay in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Can we visit Barren Island?

Yes, you can visit barren island. There is no legal prohibition on visiting the only volcano in South Asia. Still, barren island is the an active volcano and it got erupted recently in 2018. You might been curious till now, so, break your curiosity and visit the only volcano in South Asia and if you are an Indian then you should definitely go to see this place.

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